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The Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute, BHVI, was established in 1993 to promote cardiovascular research and education to prevent and treat heart and vascular disease. BHVI serves as a research and education facility that supports development and implementation of the newest techniques and technologies in cardiovascular care. BHVI is part of Baylor University Medical Center and does not provide a referral service.

The Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute supports a variety of original research including cardiovascular imaging and advance cardiovascular surgical options. One of the largest of its type in the nation, the program offers many studies and trials that are not generally available elsewhere.

The Institute’s classrooms and auditorium spaces are equipped to support echocardiograms, digital images and international video conferences. Real-time communication between the auditorium and catheterization lab allows for remote observations of cardiovascular procedures. Physicians conduct conferences with the cardiology fellows, faculty, nurses and sonographers. The Clinical Library also contains more than 1,000 reference books in the cardiovascular specialty area. In addition, BHVI hosts numerous events each month for the general public, local schools, media, researchers and nursing educators as well as Baylor entities.

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