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Baylor Cardiac Rehabilitation Presents to Chinese Medical Conference

Baylor Heart Hospital Cardiac Rehab in China

Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital's Walter I Berman Cardiovascular Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation team was asked to present at a Chinese conference of physicians and medical professionals in Changsha, China, titled: The 7th National Advanced Training Course of Cardiac Rehabilitation this past week. The Chinese group who invited the Baylor cardiac rehabilitation team was interested in the design for the cardiac rehabilitation program, daily patient flow and operational aspects as well as the research-based patient outcomes. The invitation came after several delegations visited Baylor Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital in the past year and networked with operational leaders including the Walter I Berman Cardiac Rehabilitation team.

Baylor Heart Hospital Cardiac Rehab Program

"Cardiac Rehabilitation is in its infancy stages in China," says Director Tim Bilbrey. "They wish to learn from our multi-disciplinary approach and use it as a model for the development of cardiac rehabilitation across China. They were especially interested in our Return to Work program, inpatient methodology, and the research-based outcomes including our dietary guidelines for patients.

Others presenting at the conference via Web-based meeting technology included Erin Griffith, RD, and Jenny Adams, PhD. Two presentations over the course of two days were completed. “We realize that this is a start of a relationship with medical professionals in China who are interested in how cardiac rehabilitation can help cardiac patients,” says Bilbrey. "We look forward to continued collaborative efforts."

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