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Day of Your Procedure

The progress of your day should proceed along the following lines:

Access Services

Your day begins at Access Services on the ground floor of Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital. There you will check in, receive a set of papers and be asked to sign consent forms.

From Access Services, you will go next to the hospital's second floor and to the front desk of the Specialty Care Unit.

Specialty Care Unit

At the front desk, you will check in and hand your set of papers from Access Services to the attending staff member. When your assigned room is ready, a staff member will direct you and give you a gown to wear for your procedure.

While in your assigned room, staff members will measure your vital signs and complete a patient assessment, which may include drawing labs and performing an electrocardiogram (EKG). You will sign another set of consent forms at this time.

Wait Time

Your procedure start time will be determined by your case number, the type of procedure, and when the previous case finishes.

While you wait, we will update you as to when your procedure will begin. Please keep in mind that medical emergencies take priority and may also delay the start time of your procedure. We invite your family members to wait with you in your Specialty Care Unit room.


When you leave the Specialty Care Unit, we will direct your family members to the appropriate waiting room. Your transporter will inform you of whether you will wait first in a pre-procedure room or go directly to the appropriate procedure area. If we anticipate that your wait in pre-procedure will be more than 60 minutes, we will notify your family of the delay and of your location.

Procedure Areas

Once you are in the appropriate procedure area, we will tell your family members the approximate length of your procedure and ask them to wait in either the second-floor or third-floor waiting room. Your procedure will determine which waiting room. Once your procedure is complete, a transporter will take you to the recovery area and your physician will talk with your family in the waiting room.

Cardiac & Endovascular - 3rd Gloor Hamilton
Diagnostic Angiogram 30 Mins-1 Hour
Diagnostic Angiogram w/ Angioplasty 45 Mins-1.5 Hours
PFO/ ASD Clousures 1-2 Hours
Tilt/ HIS Ablation/ Loop Recorder 1-2 Hours
Pacemaker/ Defibrillator Implant 2-3 Hours
Biventricular Device Implant 2-4 Hours
HIS Ablation and Paemaker/ ICD 3-4 Hours
EP Study and Ablation 4-6 Hours
Operating Room - 2nd Floor Hamilton
Fem Pop Bypass 3.5 Hours
Open Abdominal Aorice Aneurysm Repair 4 Hours
Carotid Endarterectomy 2 Hours
1st Rib Resection 2 Hours
AV Access Creation/Revision 1.5 Hours
Endovascular AAA Stent Graft 3 Hours
Thrombectomy Femoral/Stent 2 Hours
Amputation 1.5 Hours


The time you spend in recovery depends on your type of procedure and may be as little as one hour or as long as six hours. If we expect your time in the recovery area to be longer than two hours, we may allow a brief family visit. Because of the confined space and the number of patients in recovery, only two family members may make a one-time, 10-minute visit. A hospital staff member must escort your family members and/or friends to the recovery area.


If your physician feels that you can return home the same day as your procedure, a transporter will take you from the recovery area to a Specialty Care Unit room on the second floor or third floor. If your physician determines that you will be spending the night, a transporter will take you to a Specialty Care Unit room on the third floor only. We will notify your family of your room location and an estimated time of arrival.

After your procedure, you may be allowed to order a heart-healthy meal, made fresh when you order from your room service menu. Nutrition Services designs your menu to offer food selections that meet your doctor's orders. A staff member is available to receive orders from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and will deliver your meal to your patient room in about 45 minutes or less.

Family members are welcome to order meals for $7 per tray with cash or credit card.


We have accommodations for one person to spend the night with you in your room. Throughout the night, staff members will monitor your care and will perform tests to make sure you are recovering without complication.

Discharge Packet

If you stay overnight, you will receive a discharge packet. This packet provides you an opportunity to review your discharge instructions with a staff member and ask any questions you may have. If your discharge paperwork is signed, you may leave the hospital from the classroom. If your discharge paperwork is incomplete, then you will return to your Specialty Care Unit room until you receive your signed paperwork.