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Empagliflozin Outcome Trial in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction (EMPEROR-Reduced)

Research area:
Heart Failure
Principal investigator:
Cara East, MD, FACP, FAPCR
Type of study:

Study synopsis:
The aim of the study is to investigate the safety and efficacy of empagliflozin versus placebo on top of guideline-directed medical therapy in patients with heart failure and either with reduced ejection fraction or preserved ejection fraction.

“While there are medications for the treatment of heart failure, 50% of patients with congestive heart failure will still die within five years. There is thus an unmet need for additional medications to treat heart failure. The medication Jardiance, invented for the treatment of diabetes, may have direct heart benefit, a premise that is being tested in these two trials,” says Cara East, MD, principal investigator.

Main/critical inclusion and exclusion criteria: A complete list of inclusion and exclusion criteria for the reduced ejection fraction study can be found at

A complete list of inclusion and exclusion criteria for the preserved ejection fraction study can be found at

Study contact:
Merielle Boatman, MBA, BAAS,, 214.820.2273.

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