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Individuals can become more prone to develop heart disease based on their family history. If an individual's brother, father, or grandfather has suffered from heart disease before the age of 55, he is twice as likely to develop heart disease. If an individual's sister, mother, or grandmother suffered from heart disease before the age of 65, she is also twice as likely to develop heart disease. Heart disease is a silent killer. Being active and healthy might not be enough. Genetics plays a huge role in heart health.

Bill Ruth

How do you describe Bill Ruth? A life-long athlete. A coach. A mentor. A Baby Boomer. A role model. A devoted husband. A heart disease survivor. The truth is, he's all of these things.

Tim Gallagher

After experiencing a widow-maker heart attack in his home, Tim Gallagher was given a lifesaving heart transplant at Baylor Heart and Vascular Services at Dallas.

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