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Your Patient Bed

Your patient bed is designed for your comfort and safety. With an electrical control, you can raise or lower the foot and head of your bed. For your safety, your bed's side rails may be kept up at night and after you receive anesthetics or medication.

Use your side rails for support when getting out of bed, even when you begin to feel better. Never hesitate to ask for our help first before getting out of bed. Use your bedside call button to ask for nursing assistance.

Many people find the smell of lavender relaxing. If you would like, please feel free to ask a member of our Pastoral Care staff to place a drop of lavender essential oil on your pillow.

Telephone Information

Your telephone number and room number are posted near the door of your patient room. Patient room telephones cannot receive collect or third-party billed calls.

Local Calls: Dial "9" plus the local telephone number. There are no charges for local calls.

Long Distance Calls: Dial "9" plus the toll-free number associated with your calling card. Follow the instructions of your calling card provider to complete your call.

Phone Operator: Dial "0" to connect to the hospital phone operator.

Deliveries and Mail

We will deliver to your patient room any mail and flowers addressed to you. If you need to mail a letter, please tell your nurse and he/she will forward it to the hospital mailroom. You and your guests may also use the Post Office located on the P1 level of Wadley Tower at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas. The Post Office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.


As a designated "no smoking facility," Baylor Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital complies with city and state ordinances and those required by the Joint Commission. To promote a heart-healthy environment, patients are not permitted to smoke and the Baylor Scott & White Health itself is a smoke-free environment.