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Many factors beyond your control can contribute to cardiovascular disease, such as your age, sex, or family history. But there are also cardiovascular disease risk factors that you can control, such as tobacco use, high cholesterol and blood pressure, diet, obesity, exercise levels, and diabetes.

We have assembled a diverse and accomplished team of medical professionals whose members take a collaborative approach to diagnose your cardiovascular condition and treat it. Even with this team of experts, you are the most important member on your health care team because you can take so many steps to improve your heart health. We created these living healthy pages to provide resources to help you understand how your lifestyle affects heart disease and how you can make the changes necessary to live a healthier life.

Diet and Nutrition

Eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is an important part of maintaining a healthy heart. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains can help you reduce your risk for heart disease.
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Exercise is an important component of getting and keeping your heart healthy. Not only does exercise help strengthen your heart and vascular system, it helps you control your weight and reduces stress.
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Family History

Individuals can become more prone to develop heart disease based on their family history. If an individual's brother, father, or grandfather has suffered from heart disease before the age of 55, he is twice as likely to develop heart disease.
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Know Your Numbers

Keep track of your numbers and see your doctor if any of your results are out of the normal range.
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Smoking Cessation

Smoking contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease and quitting is one of the best things you can do for your heart and overall health.
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Stress Management

The way you respond to stress can contribute to heart disease. Some people experience increased blood pressure during times of stress. Other people smoke more, consume too much alcohol or overeat. We can help you learn about stress reduction and coping.
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Support Groups

Cardiac events and cardiac procedures can affect you emotionally. Our support groups and educational programs can help you cope with your situation as well as learn about your condition so you can adopt healthy lifestyle habits.
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Take the Journey

Achieve heart and vascular wellness by taking our commitment to advanced patient care a step further.
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Women and Heart Health

This list of screenings can help you start on 12 months of healthy living. Start with a phone call to your doctor. He or she can recommend self-tests and set up the screening tests than can help you uncover health problems early, when they're most treatable.
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Calcium Scores

For information regarding our calcium score screenings.
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