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Personal Belongings


You may use your room's closet for your personal belongings. We ask you to keep at the hospital only those personal belongings that are essential to your care. We do not accept responsibility for valuables left in your room, and we encourage you to give any extra money, medication, credit cards, wallet, and jewelry to a family member or close friend to take home.

Lockers and Safe

If you cannot send your personal belongings home, ask your nurse to make arrangements for a secured locker or safe. Lockers, located on the hospital's second and third floors, can accommodate luggage or other medium to large items. You may request that your smaller valuables be kept in a secured safe located in the Access Services/Scheduling area. An itemized inventory receipt for valuables placed in a safe will be kept in your patient chart.

Eyeglasses, Dentures, Hearing Aids

Take care not to leave your eyeglasses, dentures and/or hearing aids on your meal tray or on your bed. They may be accidentally disposed of or lost. Please tell your nurse if you wear dentures. She/he will give you a special container to keep them safe.