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Soltero Cardiovascular Research Center

The Soltero Cardiovascular Research Center began at Baylor-Dallas in 1987 to bring clinically relevant cardiology research studies to Baylor Scott & White Health. The Center is improving patients' lives through innovative research to understand, prevent, and even reverse heart disease. Our mission is to:

  • perform the highest quality clinical research;
  • involve the Center in important practice-altering studies;
  • facilitate high-quality care for our patients;
  • promote innovative, creative, and original research;
  • wisely use funds generated or generously donated; and
  • educate patients, Baylor personnel, and our community on research concepts and results.

The Center is nationally recognized for conducting high-quality studies on cardiovascular problems, medications, and surgical procedures. Its studies have focused on cardiovascular problems caused by:

  • Diabetes
  • Hardening of arteries
  • High blood-pressure
  • Increased levels of lipoprotein molecules in the blood

Please contact the Soltero Cardiovascular Research Center at 214-820-2273

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  • Stability
  • Quick study start-up
  • Access to a large patient database
  • Consistently meet or exceed enrollment commitments
  • Generate high-quality data in a timely manner
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