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Women and Heart Health

Cara East, MD

Cardiologist/Researcher Dr. Cara East Provides Commentary on Women and Heart Disease

Women are more likely to suffer what is called a silent heart attack, a temporary blockage that can damage the heart, sometimes while they're resting or asleep. They may have discomfort in their shoulder blades or even their abdomen, but then they feel OK and nobody worries about it. What you think could be an ulcer could actually be a heart attack.

Anumeha Tandon, MD

A Passion for Women's Heart Health

Doctors and patients need to pay more attention to a neglected topic

In medical school, you're so busy learning the basics that it's hard to focus on specific issues in healthcare. But as I specialized in cardiology here at Baylor and started my career as a physician, I realized there was one aspect of medicine where I wanted to make a difference: improving heart health in women.

This list of screenings can help you start on 12 months of healthy living. Start with a phone call to your doctor. He or she can recommend self-tests and set up the screening tests than can help you uncover health problems early, when they're most treatable.

Your doctor may recommend earlier or more frequent screenings for you, based on your family history or other risk factors.

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