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Circle of Care

Our "Circle of Care" encompasses our mission, vision, and priorities, and places our patients front and center. Our mission supports this patient-centered approach. We recognize that there are four key areas of excellence that must be in place to ensure that patients are our number one priority: people, quality, service and fiscal stewardship.

What does this mean? It means that Baylor Scott & White Health Care System supports and cares for patients as individuals. We promote a healing environment in which the members of the healthcare team work together as one, for the benefit of the patient.

To do that, Baylor Scott & White Health adopts best practices and industry standards that support and sustain a patient-centered culture. When these are put into place, we not only enhance patient safety and quality of care, we also increase our level of performance as a healthcare system.

Baylor Scott & White Health constantly strives to become an even better place to work, attracting and retaining the best and the brightest. As we continue to provide a better quality of care, we advance our outcome measures. Our ultimate goal is not only to provide quality patient care, but to define it.

Our Care Model

With the opening of Baylor Jack and Jane Heart and Vascular Hospital, newly renamed to Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital, we designed a care model that is a foundation for our daily operations.

Our founding principles define the qualities we look for in our team members. We believe that if we work to exceed people's expectations, the results will be satisfaction, care excellence, and a trusting relationship. Our goals are Clinical excellence (Quality), Patient and family satisfaction (Service), Health care team satisfaction (People), and Fiscal responsibility (Finance). We review our model of care at our hospital team meetings and the metrics associated with the goals we have set.

Meet Our Team

Our focus is your care and comfort. Our team is committed to providing you with quality individualized treatment and compassionate care. We have great respect for each other's experience and training, work closely in a team environment, and are sensitive to everyone's needs. It takes special people to create a place where you want to be treated. The collaboration and chemistry between our nurses, support staff, and the physicians on our medical team is a high priority for us.

Our team is a multidisciplinary mix of all the specialists on our medical staff, along with nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and support and administrative members. Our culture is one of unity, where each person on our staff is an equal member of the team and is treated with the respect he or she deserves. We select each team member carefully for his or her passion, sensitivity, expertise, knowledge, and patient focus. Our team members not only focus on your care but are involved in advancing the diagnoses and treatments of heart and vascular medicine through research and innovative technologies.

Meet Our Team


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